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Smart Price List   for Microsoft Excel 2000 and later versions.

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Does your company offer a large variety of products?  Smart Price List  is an Excel based form that will save you the cost of printing a full color catalog or price list while giving your customers an extremely easy way to place an order.  It is very important to make the buying process as simple as possible!  You can even include pictures!  With Smart Price List  your customers can sort and/or filter your price list with ONE click.  Then they can create their order within this same form and instantly print or E-mail it directly to you.  

Does your price list ever change?  I'm sure it does.  Smart Price List  makes it easy to inform your customers by simply sending them an update via e-mail or CD.  This easy to use tool can save you hours of time, thousands of dollars in printing costs and boost sales in the process.  Updating the information is a snap.  It is so easy that you will soon discover that you can even generate customized price lists tailored to each customer's pricing agreements.  And keep them up to date!  Try that with the old paper price lists of days gone by.

The pictures are kept separate from the data so you only need to update the information portion to create a brand new price list.  Pictures remain hidden until the user hovers the mouse pointer over it.  Then it hides again when the mouse is moved away.  This method keeps the size of the new Smart Price List file to a minimum making it quick to transmit and a real pleasure to use.

Smart Price List  is the perfect way to communicate with your wholesale accounts. 

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    Smart Price List  Demo     (File size 1 MB)   


                                                    requires Excel 2000 or later version.  (Macro security should be set to low.)


          (only $99 to purchase the open source, unlocked version)

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