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HAWDA demo Smart Price List Demo

Download Smart Price List Demo


The Smart Price List demo file is a self-extracting, compressed Excel spreadsheet.

After you click Continue  below, choose to save the file to your hard drive.

After the file downloads, find the .exe file and double click on it.

Extract Smart Price List Demo.xls to your hard drive  (C:\Excel is the default folder).

Create a new folder on your hard drive for the pictures.  C:\Excel\Pictures

Extract, copy or move the 7 picture files to C:\Excel\Pictures.

    (you must use this folder for the pictures to work)

Double click Smart Price List Demo.xls to launch the demo.

To start the Smart Price List Demo download click here... 



All macros used in Smart Price List written by us and are virus free and safe to use.

    The Tools | Macro | Security setting needs to be Low or Medium to allow macros to run without dialog questioning.

    Answer NO to any messages concerning refreshing pictures.

    If you get a message from Excel when running the demo which says access to VBA is not trusted...

    Click:   Tools | Macros | Security | Trusted Sources | then check mark "Trust access to visual basic project"


    To close the Smart Price List Demo use the "Close" button.

    To make your menus visible use the "Menus" button.